“It will all be alright in the end…..”

“It will all be alright in the end…..”

It will all be alright in the end and if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end… These are words I heard 3 years ago, which have been a cherished source of comfort and uplift to me since. And I truly believe it will be the case that in the very end it will in fact…all be alright… and that is a big inclusive ALL. Like many others no doubt I have felt for most of my life that we are all part of something much bigger.   But during the past 5 years small and subtle things have led me towards acting on those instincts, and asking a great many questions of why things are like they are, who we are and why?

On reflection the perceived demands and distractions of the ‘now world’ we live in had given little opportunity for me to really look at, let alone consider another view or version of the world and my place in it. I have never really been a religious person in belonging to a specific religion for example, but I do believe there is something bigger out there, that is all-inclusive, part of us and free for everyone in which ever way they choose to relate with it; I once said to a Jehovah’s witness in my house thanks for the offer, but I go direct at the moment, if I do need wholesale or a middle man however, I’ll get in touch. We both laughed at that one.

My awakening to another view of the world and self has continued whereby I now see and try to continue seeing the world in a different way. This is a challenge given all the distractions and encouragement to go with the norms.

When you mention the word awakening most would expect to see some kind of tangible difference by today’s measurements, looking or behaving differently.. but for me it was (and still is) the letting go of things that I thought mattered and allowing the space and time for the things that do matter. I gave up watching mainstream TV a few years ago, and try to live with less in general, in 2007 I was introduced to Yoga, which I have kept up…, in 2009 I was introduced to some shamanic healing work (breathing and sweat lodges) which has allowed me to let go of some personal beliefs and perceptions, that were in fact illusions and millstones around my neck…. On reflection this was a form of de-programming ….. and there is still quite some de-programming and letting go for me to do.

There are a great number of people and groups out there, in many forms and my understanding is that they are all different routes to the same end, helping to open your mind, lighten and remove personal burdens, anxieties, fears etc….. allowing you to like and love whom and whatever you want, without the filter of beliefs however respectable or conclusive they may seem.

Personally I feel more connected with positive things even though on paper I have less material things…. I feel a personal shift for me has brought much greater benefits. As said to me not long ago…. shrouds don’t’ have pockets you know!


If two people can conspire against another to get an outcome only they could see and want then surely this can happen on a larger scale? Is it not the case you just need enough hidden outcomes and reasoning to keep the layers of supporters and perpetuators’ self motivated and justified in their actions. In essence, a multidimensional agenda!

Most people I have met are open to the idea that individuals or small groups can corrupt, deceive and conspire; but for this to happen on a regional, national and global scale is seen as impossible. You only have to look at how easily and eagerly we are coerced into consuming and accumulating material things, then extend this coercion to the ideas and versions of global events as the only version and truth.

My personal view of the global agenda and events is that there is something trying to control humanity in ways which are not known or obvious to us, with the aim of keeping the masses from seeking and discovering connections with the greater cosmic wonders, by denial or distraction with things such as: terror, personal finance, jobs, the economy, health, self-image and the tears of this week’s runner up on the talent show. Are you paying attention! said the news reader.

We and all our previous generations have and continue to contribute to the belief systems that prevail in the world today, which enables an agenda to continue, for many reasons: convenience, fear, ignorance… etc.

What do you have to lose?

Just imagine if the concluding part of the hitch hikers’ guide to the galaxy isn’t fiction …. where we and the earth are in fact just part of a cosmic experiment….. only to be destroyed just as the amazing answers were about to be realised……. The difference is that actually we do have the opportunity to experience these answers.

Very few people I know truly believe that governments are acting in our interests. Unfortunately the attraction of convenience, fear of isolation and ridicule… means many views remain unheard and without action. And this is perfectly understandable when you look at the way humanity has been indoctrinated and programmed through belief systems and world views.

People are seeing through the façade that: Progress and evolution are economical, technological, and material gains; but the leap of faith to believing that consciousness and spirituality could be the basis of our evolutionary path is hindered for many.

If earth is an important part of the cosmic story, this maybe why there is so much effort and desperation to steer us away from cosmic connection or interest.

Beyond doubt though is that a great many people are here to help humanity “let go” and open up to the coming changes. Assistance is there in many forms, and we are all invited take the hand of help, we just have to do what feels right.
What Next………Riders on the Storm:

A storm is with us, and we still have choices: to become a rider on the storm or to stay and meet the eye of it.

What we do in the now will very much determine our journey to the end. Most people do not acknowledge or give time to the idea of other intelligence or life being out there in the cosmos; but just imagine for a moment……… the feeling you might have if it were proven conclusively and agreed upon by all, that in fact, we are entirely on our own in the cosmos, there is absolutely nothing else out there….. Nothing!     I can’t help thinking that most people would have an intense feeling of loneliness and isolation which would undoubtedly force us into asking how do we survive? Today we seem to have been paying little attention to our evolutionary or spiritual needs. But that is changing!

The growing information supporting alternative views and versions of who we are, why things are this way, is frequently suppressed, discredited or ignored with the end result that most do not have access to or choose to ignore this type of information. This is changing!

Even earthly and non-earthly perpetrators will have to awaken and take on a more loving and harmonised cosmic existence in the end.

More people will lose the shackles of uncertainty, fear and worry. Possibilities of: new energies, fairer distribution of resources; the discovery, meeting and exchange with other conscious cosmic races.

I often tell my daughter to just try and let things go, not to carry them on her shoulders… keep letting the love in and out even if none returns… it doesn’t matter. Always go with your heart….. we are representatives of a long line of people that go back to the beginning of time.

Without the work of people dedicated to exposing and connecting challenging information as they do, it would most probably never see the light of day; instead we are given the opportunity to decide for ourselves from shattering and shocking new views on the world, how it is being run, why, and how it can be changed.

That neither of us left it too late, to say the things that matter.

It will all be alright in the end and if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end…


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