Alan Watts – Money is Nonsense:

Alan Watts – Money is Nonsense:

People think money has to come from somewhere like hydro-electric power or lumber or iron, and it doesn’t. Money is something we invent like inches.
Remember there was a great depressions, when there was a slump? And what did we have a slump of? Money. There was no less wealth, no less energy, no less raw materials that there were before. It was like you came to build a house one day and they said “Sorry! You can’t build this house today, no inches.” “What do you mean, no Inches?” “Oh, just inches, we got inches of lumber, inches of metal, we even got tape measures. But there’s a slump in inches as such.” And people are that crazy they can have a depression because there are no inches to go around or dollars. That’s all a lot of nonsense.


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